Here's what teachers have to say about the Yucky Stuff workshop. 

I would highly recommend Miriam’s workshop. It was engaging and challenging with fantastic outcomes that we used to develop a whole writing project from - definitely a morning to remember. Weeks later the children were still reminding me of their revolting metaphors and disgusting descriptions!
— Hannah Joels, Year 4 teacher
Thanks again for the fantastic workshop today. The children absolutely loved it! It took them a while to calm down after, they were so excited! Only positive feedback from me.
— Maisa Chahine, Year 5 teacher
My class was immediately engaged with the thought of writing about something disgusting! They loved brainstorming descriptive words to describe the textures, smells and tastes of disgusting things and became very competitive in trying to create the most disgusting description. The boys in particular, thrived on the revolting details and produced some very impressive descriptive pieces.

Thank you, Miriam, for a fun, engaging and entertaining workshop!
— Michelle Hogan, Year 5 teacher
I think the children felt a bit of a sense of freedom at being able to write horrid things! Miriam has a lovely, calm manner with them and they all enjoyed it. The written outcomes were lovely!
— Emma Blair, Year 5 Head of Year